Wellesley Retreat

Wellesley, MA

With a thoughtful approach to program planning, a multifunctional lower level is reimagined with the same degree of design detail as the upper floors. High ceilings, lightwell windows, and the use of steel and glass doors allow natural light to permeate the 3,000 square foot volume–artfully transforming the secondary space into a family refuge. An elegant, elliptical stair descends from the main foyer, encircling a spa-like bath. Built-in seating and cabinetry combine with custom lighting, wall treatments, and oversized shiplap to bring high-energy and whimsy to the environment. Varying functions coexist harmoniously: a sleek sports court for the children’s indoor playtime as well as the parents’ rigorous tennis practice; a high-performance gym; and a playfully illuminated gamer's paradise. A generous media room, comfy seating niche under the primary stairs, and a playhouse are opportunistically designed for additional points of interest and relaxation.

Project Team
  • Interior Design: Liz Caan
  • Builder: KVC Builders
  • Photographer: Daniel Stauch