May 20, 2015
Catalano Architects derives much of its inspiration and creative problem solving from great triumphs of the past. However, there is also much to learn from those projects not as dearly held. Quincy Massachusetts, mere miles from the heart of Boston... READ MORE
April 23, 2015
Throughout history, humans have found connection in fire and the hearth. When humans discovered fire, there was an immediate need to enclose it and contain it. Fire quickly became an essential resource – providing light, warmth, and protection.... READ MORE
March 24, 2015
This work in progress is a renovation of an existing multi-family residential building located in the historic Downtown Village district of Bar Harbor, Maine. The building was originally built in the early 1900’s as a single-family residence, but... READ MORE
February 24, 2015
Catalano Architects spends a lot of time studying great design solutions of the past to inspire its current projects. If you are seeking design inspiration, the New England region is a wonderful resource. Boston and the surrounding areas have a... READ MORE
February 23, 2015
Spring is closer than it seems amidst all of this snow and ice. We at Catalano Architects are looking forward to the change of the seasons, and we’re sharing some optimism to kick off another wintery week.Catalano Architects paired up with... READ MORE
January 21, 2015
Book-matching has been used to enhance architectural features for thousands of years. Valued for its uniqueness and for the beauty of its mirrored symmetry, book-matching highlights a material’s one-of-a-kind patterning. The name “book-matching”... READ MORE
December 16, 2014
For centuries, the kitchen has been the heart of the home. Although this space has evolved throughout the ages, in most homes today the kitchen is still the primary room where families come together to cook, eat, and entertain. During... READ MORE
November 12, 2014
This work in progress is a renovation of a single family home on the Northeastern tip of Fishers Island. It was built in 1931 and belonged to the Luce family for 40 years.Our clients fell in love with Fisher’s Island many years ago, and... READ MORE
October 17, 2013
The New England Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art recently announced the winners of its fourth annual Bulfinch Awards.About the Bulfinch Awards:The Bulfinch Awards are named for Charles Bulfinch, American’s first native-... READ MORE
July 31, 2013
THE PROJECT:Catalano Architects’ planned project is a small addition to the large existing Federal-Style Colonial Revival home designed by Arthur Little and Herbert Browne and built in 1898. Construction on this historic Brookline home started at... READ MORE
June 11, 2013
Architect Thomas P. Catalano of Catalano Architects worked with designer Chris Benson of Benson Interiors to create this timeless “His & Hers” bathroom, featured in this month’s issue of House Beautiful Magazine.A walk-through shower, gleaming... READ MORE
June 3, 2013
Our client purchased this existing office building in Rocky Hill, CT in late 2012 with the goal of freshening up the interior before showing the space to potential tenants. Both budget and timeline are a focus for this project, as the client is... READ MORE